Master Reading and Math! Harness ADD!

97% success rate for adults and children with challenges in: Reading, Math, ADD and ADHD.

Correction programs use your strengths and talents to overcome the challenges.

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Davis Dyslexia Program Introduction

This five minute video, from the Learning People in the UK, gives a brief summary of the program benefits, from an adult and young adult perspective. For more information on Davis Dyslexia International, please visit

Ronald D. Davis: The Gift of Dyslexia

The Gift of Dyslexia
A 'must read' and great introduction to the week long (30 hour) Davis Correction Programs. People who think primarily in pictures and are visual learners are ideal candidates! Davis Programs use the picture thinking strength and talents to overcome the challenges.

Ronald D. Davis: The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning
In this book Ronald D. Davis focuses on ADD, Math and improving handwriting skills. Many of the procedures done during the week long correction program are described in both books. Read how to overcome disorientation and improve many facets of your life.