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Dyslexia Works offers powerful and proven solutions for children and adults with challenges in: Reading, Math, ADD and ADHD.

Please explore this website and call us. At Dyslexia Works you will learn how to use your dyslexic talents to overcome the challenges.

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Davis Dyslexia: Founder Ronald D.Davis

Ron Davis - founder of Davis Dyslexia - describes in this video how he discovered the 'trick' to read despite his dyslexia. For more information on Davis Dyslexia International, please visit

Ron Davis: The Gift of Dyslexia

The Gift of Dyslexia
A 'must read' and great introduction to the Davis Dyslexia Program. Dyslexia is not a disease but a different learning style. Read how to keep the desirable sides of Dyslexia and overcome the rest.

Ron Davis: The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning
Another great introduction to the Davis Program. In this book Ron Davis focuses on ADD, Math and improving handwriting skills. Read how to overcome disorientation and improve many facets of your life.