Research & Testimonials

Research (Peer Reviewed)


“After completing the Davis Dyslexia Reading Program and the follow-up triggers words with my mom, my reading skills have jumped up three grade levels. I am fine now and read for fun. I have just completed part three of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.” (Christopher, 13)

“After the Davis Dyslexia Program, I am now able to read abstract manuals without swearing and having a meltdown.” (Peter, 67)

“After several years of trying one method or another to address my daughter’s dyslexia, the Davis Dyslexia Program is finally making the connections, necessary for her to be able to read.” (Phoebe’s (13) father)

“The Davis Dyslexia Program was challenging and helpful in most parts of my life. It is much more than just a reading correction program.” (Huey, 38)

“The Davis Dyslexia Math Program has enabled my son to finally understand math! He is really enjoying math at last! What a relief for the family.” (Christopher’s mom)

“Our daughter is more confident – she loves the program and making the words out of clay – and she is actually enjoying learning to read. My husband is more organised and asks for help less often. We are becoming a calmer and better organised family.”(Kerrie, 50)