Research & Success Stories


Success Stories

“Things are going very well here! Krysta is doing well in Grade 6. She is blossoming and loves reading. (Mom of Krysta, age 12)

“After the Davis Dyslexia Program, I am now able to read abstract manuals without swearing and having a meltdown.” (Peter, 67)

“Charlie made honors in his school. The Davis Program really works. His grade in English was 100%. We are planning on signing him up for the Davis Math Program before Christmas. (Mother of Charlie, age 14)

“The Davis Dyslexia Program was challenging and helpful in most parts of my life. It is much more than just a reading correction program.” (Huey, 38)

“Paige loves reading now and often spends her spare time engrossed in books thanks to the Davis Method!” (Mother of Paige, age 13)

“Our daughter has had a consistently challenging school experience from pre-K to 3rd grade in reading and math. After trying six different interventions, we finally found the Davis Method. We saw encouraging progress the first week! Her reading level jumped very quickly after the program. Seeing her self esteem come back was a major relief. We are all so relieved to have found a method which fits to our daughter and which is pleasurable, works with her way of thinking and has quick results. It is truly transformational!” (Mother of Isa. age 10)

“Our daughter is more confident – she loves the program and making the words out of clay – and she is actually enjoying learning to read. My husband is more organised and asks for help less often. We are becoming a calmer and better organised family.”(Mother of Phoebe, age 14)